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The Femme Founders Club



Have you always wanted to be a paid influencer and know you have what it takes? Just need some technical guidance?

Or have you been a blogger for a while now but are only making a few thousand dollars here and there?

Are you exhausted of scouring the internet and online communities for answers on how to get paid enough to cover your rent and expenses?


And dealing with brands who only want to do GIFTED opportunities?

Since when did your landlord all of a sudden start accepting clothes and makeup as payment for rent?

Did you know you can get taxed and lose money from receiving gifted (especially luxury) items?

Introducing The Femme Founders Club!

Sign up now to level up your influence & reach your yearly monetization goals.

  • Over 5,000 beauty & fashion PR brand contacts to pitch to
  • The Influencer Directory of over 1,300 creators to build your network
  • PR, brand & influencer industry news
  • Partnership & Collaboration opportunities
  • Monetization Masterclasses
femme founders club influencer membership gia dixon

Hi, I'm Gia!

I own an international social media talent agency.

I've worked in both sides of the industry and saw which brands and influencers thrived in the lockdown.

I also created a blog of my own that got 432,000+ views in less than a month of launching during the pandemic.

Did you know that creators with a Youtube channel made 76% more than those without?!

Instantly access my rolodex.

In this fast-paced business I’m constantly making new connections and love sharing them with you.

Register now to my fashion and beauty network to build all the relationships you need to monetize your influence!

There's so much more where that came from.

This is the investment that keeps on giving for landing campaigns, and creating lifetime connections. Your network is your net worth.

femme founders club influencer membership gia dixon

Like Netflix,

but instead of chilling, you make money!

I wanted to create the ultimate playground for influencers and easily access all the resources they need to thrive in style. It's the all-in-one business plan to grow a dream network, following, bank account, and freedom.

Being an influencer

is being a business owner. You have to think like a business, not a charity.

If nobody told you being a content creator is a legit business -- think again. You need to start thinking like a business owner. Influencers are masters of creative direction. Bloggers are founders of their own online publications. Personal brands are marketing strategists.

You could keep wandering aimlessly with waves of getting paid with the same insane amount of work you put in. Or access the guided secrets to reaching your dream goals with a sustainable system!


You're in luck!

You have the multiple choices of a very special yearly payment option so you can focus on your influencing empire and take your online presence to the next level.


Check out what people are saying!

“I made over $1,000 in one brand deal alone. After that, I hit over $7,000 in brand collabs in one month simply from Gia’s pitch template and network list! Getting my money back instantly with the the first partnering proved to me that this is serious. Her 6 angles to pitch changed my life and I can’t thank her enough!!!!” 

-Jenn S.

“I appreciate the patience you have with someone navigating this field. It's really easy to follow your pitching guidelines and already made so many friends. I even gained over 400 new followers with your tips! Thank you!” 

-Lisa W.

I used to be so bummed when I'd post to what seemed like crickets. Using a strategy and having a purpose when posting is game-changing. Ever since joining, I've had the highest engagement on my Instagram and blog. 20,000 more views on my Instagram stories are a thing for me now. Gia knows what she's talking about.

— Karen S.

Inside the PR News

For those of you who know me for my 6 Ways To Pitch Masterclass (don't worry it's included in the membership), you probably understand the importance of understanding the lay of the land.

You will not only absorb insight of the other side of the industry, but you will get to know all the important people to contact to monetize your partnerships.

Avoid walking into pitches blindly with this sweet setup. You don't drive somewhere new without a GPS! Now you can prep your pitches with the latest brand updates straight to your inbox weekly.

worth $198!

Influencer Jobs & Collabs

Why shouldn't you have partnership opportunities come your way if you're constantly and consciously sifting through potential brands to pitch to? You deserve it!

Every so often, everything from editorial requests to brands looking for the next perfect spokeswoman will be wrapped in a bow straight to your inbox.


My Brand Contact List

I already know you're busy. Searching for press releases and contact info online is hours of pain.

Look no further. The ultimate list of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands have entered your orbit with over 5,000 contacts.

Now you can nurture relationships with everyone from Benefit Cosmetics to Burberry. Lululemon to Dior. Have a specific request? Got a connect for that. Your net worth is your network. All you have to do is reach out.

worth $7,899!

Hang up your purse and sit down, because we haven't even mentioned all the delicious bonuses yet.



Monetization Masterclasses

Do you feel like you're not charging enough? You probably aren't. That's ok, because all that's changed for good.

Every month you personally receive intimate industry insights that expedite the process of your monetization and growth online. I go answer in precise detail every question you have.

You won't want to miss a single session, so sign up to create opportunities for more abundance!

worth $197 each!

femme founders membership for influencers by gia dixon


Monthly content ideas

This is a given. It shouldn't even have to be said! You're not only building a business, but building a brand. It takes a lot of content to express it. You have zero excuse not to be established online.

Which is why we provide you with content ideas to help you maintain your monetization. Each first of the month you will receive them straight to your inbox.

worth $78 each!


Professional pitching templates

Girl, I see you. I've been watching how hard you hustle. Nothing is more attractive than a woman on the hunt, hungry to contribute to her audience who needs her.

Now you can do it the efficient way with my pitching methods and swipe my very own words and fill in the blanks with your star power.

Use my templates in tune with the pitching masterclass to get hard offers every time without hesitation.

worth $59 each!

Extra Fabulous Bonus:


The Influencer directory

AKA the chicest place on the web

We all know that the only way to grow isn't just with brands. Making friends and deep connections with those in our niche are the only way we can thrive.

As females, we are naturally social creatures who love nothing more than to share. Creating lasting relationships isn't just for brand representatives and PR people.

Nourishing our lives with people who understand us the most are who we should surround ourselves with.

worth $6,197!

Everything you get

access to:


That's $14,876 worth of tools to help you solidify your position as the owner of an influential empire.

But you only get it for....

Get Monthly Access!

$297 3 month access

✨The holy grail of fashion & beauty brands PR lists

✨Partnership collaboration opportunities

✨PR, brand, & influencer industry news

✨The ultimate influencer directory network

✨Monetization Masterclasses

Get Yearly Access!

$1,194 annual access

✨The holy grail of fashion & beauty brands PR lists

✨Partnership collaboration opportunities

✨PR, brand, & influencer industry news

✨The ultimate influencer directory network

✨Monetization Masterclasses


How does PR news help me?

All the latest appointments for new brand PR positions are here. These are the newbies who got the brand rep job and you're going to want to be the first to introduce yourself. Nurture them wisely. They're the ones who can get you brand deals and tell their friends in other brands about you.

Can't I just find brand contacts myself on the internet?

Of course you can. This requires an insane amount of digging on the internet - that is if the information is online and if you type in the right keywords. Aside from that, this list is my personalized network of brand representatives I've connected with before that give responses!

How will the monetization masterclasses help me?

This is the place where we uncover all the to-dos and to-don'ts. Pitching and working with brands is like building an engine. There's not a lot of room for creativity. There are things you just have to know that aren't necessarily common sense or free information you find on the internet.

"Just keep posting" they say.

"Keep providing value" they say.

"The more you give the more you'll get" they say.

Wait. Who are they? How do they know anything about your specific audience? And why are you not getting paid to monetize your content? Are "they" paying you? Didn't think so.

Our masterclasses are designed to shine a light on all things from both sides of the industry you may have noticed or not seen at all before.

If you ever had a gut feeling that you wanted to do something your way when everyone was telling you not to. We get clear on all of that. So bring your coffee, your notepad, and get inside this membership!